Taryn Donath

"Sometimes you find an artist that you just need to sit back and admire. Taryn Donath is one of those artists. You know that she is way better than you ever could be on the piano…unless you had about 20 hours a day to practice, and that is fine. I could watch her for hours with a simultaneous grin and grimace. The grin because she is so amazing, the grimace because she does things with a piano that I only wish I could accomplish."
Incognito Music Magazine-2012

"Jump, funk, blues, and stride piano. Yep- stride. A blaze of lost vintage skills, Donath frequently shows up with a drummer. Talk to her right hand: it knows endless chords. Her left hand is another subject entirely."
-San Diego Reader- Article: Indie Fertility-Five Local Bands to Listen To
-Dave Good - 2012

The new release "Gardenia" is a kaleidoscope of sound featuring expressive lyrics, beautiful arrangements of melancholy instrumentals
and a passionate
Latin flair... it is an enchanting marriage of jazz and pop. Truly an adventurous
and romantic journey full of many colors
d textures... 

"Taryn Donath, Gardenia: a seasoned and engaging performer, Donath has laid out the songs on this disc in the manner that it should be done. She builds moments that result in pure listening entertainment. Taryn Donath is school for other musicians."

A 2012 rock-roll rundown By Dave Good, Jan. 2, 2013- San Diego Reade